A "cohort" is a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period. In Leath Learning cohort programs, participants become members of an intact, integrated community of learners who experience a sequence of learning volumes in unison and work together in a supportive environment that fosters rapid learning, diversity of thought and deed, lifelong networking, and personal accountability. For time immemorial, the cohort experience has proven to be among the most effective at both sparking interest and engendering sustainable growth. In the same way youth is a crucible of heat over time, many graduates describe cohort programs as among the most compelling, memorable, positively transformational experiences in adulthood. If you’ve ever had the great fortune of brotherhood, sisterhood, playing for a winning team, or participating in an altruistic endeavor or ‘greater good’ bigger than yourself, then you know the tremendously constructive and unforgettable feelings that positive cohorts can create. In the context of a high-performing cohort, learners increase their self-awareness, knowledge, skills, and overall capabilities. Combined with evergreen curiosity, openness to learning, and discipline, the teambuilding proficiencies and leadership prowess developed in the context of a cohort serves graduates for decades.

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