Alcohol & Drugs

We are committed to creating environments conducive to learning, leadership development, and personal and professional growth. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into, served, or consumed during the programs themselves. Beer and wine are only permitted at program dinners (and in moderation, please).

Corporate Visitors, Spouses & Family Members

Corporate sponsors (e.g., bosses, employers) who have paid for your participation in one of our programs are welcome to swing by and observe for up to two hours. To coordinate this, please contact our Program Advisors (learning@leathgroup.com) so any necessary arrangements or accommodations for their visit can be made. Though spouses or other family members may not attend the program or scheduled program events, feel free to include them in your trip if you like, as we are very intentional about selecting desirable hotels and resorts, most of which possess great amenities, fine dining, and lots to do and see locally.

Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property protection is central to our livelihoods. Participants are prohibited from reproducing, distributing, creating derivative works of, or publicly displaying Leath Learning content without the express, advance, written permission to do so.


We do not permit reporters and/or video crews in our programs.


Your personal information will not be shared by our organization.


Participants are prohibited from making audio or video recordings of In Person or Live Online programs in any form without the express, advance, written permission of Leath Learning to do so. Recordings include any images or audio captured by computer, digital or film-based cameras, cellular telephones, hand-held devices, PDAs, pagers, audio-tape recorders, and screengrabs or similar during Zoom-delivered Live Online programs. Participants are not allowed to post photos of other program participants to publicly viewable domains (including social media accounts, blogs, and websites) without the written permission of the participants. This includes images captured during program activities or social events occurring beyond the program schedule itself.

Though we may record or photograph portions of our events, personal releases will be provided should we ask to use your image or likeness thereafter publicly for marketing purposes.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping) is prohibited during programs, including In Person and Live Online sessions. Smoking is permitted in accordance with facility policies and local laws during breaks.

Social Gatherings

Please exercise good judgment when congregating. During In Person program events, we honor all current guidelines as suggested by the CDC.

Participant Professionalism

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when attending our programs. Respect, trust, comfort, and confidentiality are essential to program success. Participants are prohibited from engaging in activities that might be perceived as selling or soliciting.