Book Review: "Lost in the Meritocracy: The Undereducation of an Overachiever" by Walter Kirn

June 24, 2009

For the last two nights, this 211-pages-page-turner absolutely possessed me.  The [not-long-...

Creative Destruction

June 5, 2009

Like ants in a mound, we all sense the vibrations of impending change.

In particular, I a...

Book Review: "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman

May 29, 2009

Once upon a time, in an organization far, far away, I coached a young man who sniffed, "I don't r...

Book Review: "How the Mighty Fall & Why Some Companies Never Give In" by Jim Collins

May 26, 2009

Jim Collins' (or, ahem, Collins's, if I am to be contemporarily correct) reputation...

Gratefulness & Humility

May 24, 2009

As tomorrow is Memorial Day, I hope that all Americans who can... will ap...

The Future of Work

May 22, 2009