The Old Man & the Gun

Release Date:September 26, 2018
Review Date:October 20, 2018
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Drama, Action & Adventure

I guess you'd call this one a semi-dramatic heist pic, and also Redford's alleged swan song?

Hard to believe it might be his final starring role, but that's what he tells us...along with "Never say never."

What you'll get is a slow, quiet, gentle, ambling true story about Forrest Tucker, who robbed some 80+ banks and escaped from jail or prison 18 times. It's a great story, albeit somewhat superficial. There's not a ton going on, and that's totally fine, but we only get to know 'a bit' about Tucker's internal machinations and motivations. Mostly, it seems, he's a kindly shark who atrophies when he stops moving forward.

Hopefully Redford won't do the same.

Sundance, here's hoping we catch you on the mountain, bud. Enjoy the view.