The Magnificent Seven

Release Date:September 21, 2016
Review Date:September 21, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Depends on your expectations....

I was expecting Seven Samurai meets Unforgiven meets The Revenant. (And maybe some Hurt Locker and American Sniper and a unicorn while we're at it, for good measure. One can hope, right?)

No such luck; it's a lot more "Disney" than all that. Unfortunately.

Now, don't get me wrong: we enjoyed THE HECK out of it. It was fun! Lots of pistol work and strategizin', but it's more Lonesome Dove meets Tombstone meets The Lone Ranger than Training Day.

One major nit: I would love, just once, for all the good guys to "be at their absolute best." For no one to get ill, or go down, or have the shakes. For them to be, instead, AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME, ALONG WITH THE BAD GUYS, and see who wins in the battle royale. You know, like Braveheart. No "Hollywood" cop-outs, no excuses, no reasons for their being weak. Just to FLAT-OUT BRING IT, and see guys at their very best whuppin' up on each other. Zero "outs." 

Fuqua, Washington, Pratt, Hawke, D'Onofrio, Lee, Garcia-Rulfo, Sensmeier, Sarsgaard, and Bennett (Hardcore Henry, Girl on a Train) bring us a fun, action-packed summer movie.

Too bad it's September.