The Finest Hours

Release Date:January 28, 2016
Review Date:January 29, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Action & Adventure, Documentary/Docudrama

Good; not great.

It's missing something...that special "x" factor. It's procedurally accurate, I gather, but almost too inward, too self-aware, too something to be all that engaging and interesting. Too clinical, perhaps?

Lots of dramatic pauses, yes, lots of close-ups, yes, lots and lots of attempts to plead "This is important," yes, butfor some reasonit simply misses the mark, failing to induce much emotion at all...which is crazy, especially given the subject matter.

Don't get me wrong: our family enjoyed it, but we didn't fall in love. Just left feeling sorta "meh."

Nonetheless, our hats are off to Disney for bringing Bernie Webber's story to the big screen. We could use more virtuous tales like this one.

Enjoyed Captain Phillips. Looking forward to Sully. The Finest Hours coulda been that....