The Boss

Release Date:April 7, 2016
Review Date:April 8, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Oh my goodness, pretty perfect. (Despite Will Ferrell being a producer.)

Mind you, it's R, and there's language sprinkled throughout, but if you're in the market for laughter, this one'll bring it.

I about conniptioned during the outtakes.

Melissa McCarthy reigns supreme, much like in Bridesmaids and The Heat.

No instant classic like the former, but every bit as good as the latter.

Her comedic touch and timing is backpitch-perfect hereunlike in, say, the recently debacled Spy.

The Boss is a great date movie when you're ready to see something besides ISIS on the news.

Just remember, it's coarse (though not meanspirited), and notI repeatnot a family film, despite bereted brownies being the subject matter.

Disappointed by what surely would have been a riveting evening attending Texas Motor Speedway's Duck Commander 500, some Trump voters sat in the row ahead and wondered aloud, only at the end, whether the film had been representative of their exemplary parental judgment, sufficiently appropriate for their five-year-old son in tow. "I forget he's in kindergarten," the mother said as they waddled toward the exit.

Just beyond insect-swirled sidewalk lights, their dazed and confused child tripped over a curb, eliciting a "he should drink less" from Mommy.

Here's to the future, y'all. It's in great hands.