Release Date:December 18, 2015
Review Date:December 31, 2015
Reviewer:Blake Leath


If you liked Borat and Trainwreck, this one's calling for you. Heck, it's even preceded by a trailer for The Brothers Grimsby and Dirty Grandpa and features the Royal Shakespeare Company's peerless John Cena. 

Admittedly, there are some killer one-liners, and Greta Lee's scene as Hae-Won is sidesplitting. There are also a few sight gags that will likely make you want to gag, but that comes with the Animal House territory.

I'd say if you're inclined to enjoy this sort of fare, you've likely already imbibed and, if you are not, there's no amount of pushing or prodding that'll get you there. And that's as it should be: no one should see this film under duress.

I saw it on a lark, as an alternative to something heavy, and while I left feeling a bit lighterhaving laughed my fool head offI also felt like I needed to repent, then wash my eyes and ears out with Ajax.

Perhaps tomorrow night, after seeing The Hateful Eight, I'll need that Ajax again to wash the blood from my clothes.

Viva las holidays!