Release Date:September 30, 2015
Review Date:September 30, 2015
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Drama, Action & Adventure

Almost amazing.

On the whole, it is remarkable.

Emily Blunt is a tad too self-absorbed, a smidge too shaky, naïve, self-righteous.  Those moments are hard to believe, especially after the opening scene and sense of what she's been through the prior five years as a tactical team-lead in a special kidnapping-response division of the FBI.

Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro, however, are pitch-perfect.  Del Toro, in particular, steals the show.

In every scene, he positively consumes the screen, drawing oxygen out of the room like a prowling wolf, and it's a blast to watch.

The audio is excellent, always thumping and coming and ominous, like helicopter blades whooshing you into the eye of a creepy and freaky geopolitical storm.

Really, really great movie.

You'll leave shaking, a bit disillusioned, but wildly entertained and introspective and appreciative.