Shut In

Release Date:November 10, 2016
Review Date:November 14, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Horror, Suspense, Thriller

This one's a hard, hard pass.

Sure, the French Canadian production is well-executed, well-acted, and absolutely gorgeous, Vancouver and Montreal serving as New England.

But...scroll down for my 'one word reason' for why this is a hard pass, despite featuring Naomi Watts:

















And that, my friends, is too taboo, even for horror.

It's too disturbing, and, I suspect, the reason it's tracking at a 5.0 and has virtually vanished from theaters, generating only $3.7M in one full week. Even Room's Jacob Tremblay cannot save it, done in, as he is, by Stranger Things' super-inappropriate Charlie Heaton.

Instead, see The Accountant, Hacksaw Ridge, or the luscious Arrival ("This generation's Close Encounters of the Third Kind," says Rolling Stone's Peter Travers) and, before you know it, presto-blammo, Fantastic Beasts and Bleed for This will come to rescue us from the dearth before Christmas.