Run the Race

Release Date:February 22, 2019
Review Date:February 22, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Color me GOBSMACKED: This film does not suck!

Because sex sells, films about murder and depravity usually have multi-million dollar budgets, while films about God get about $70k...and look it.

But here we have an instance in which a faith-based film is actually quite good. In fact, we really enjoyed it.

Though not *quite* as good, it felt very much like it was produced and filmed by the same crew that used to make NBC's televersion of Friday Night Lights.

Again, not quite that good, but on that order.

I think if you keep an open mind, Run the Race just might pleasantly surprise you.

And mark my words, relative newcomer Tanner Stine is going places. He makes acting look effortless. Moviestar looks, like Brad Pitt, without all the constipated, 'look at me' doe-eyed doofusness.