Release Date:October 15, 2015
Review Date:November 6, 2015
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Wow; what a beautiful movie.

Small, unassuming, quiet, still. Dramatic because it is completely prosaic. A 10x10' world in which time stands still.

An Irish/Canadian co-production, filmed in Toronto.

It was not quite as great as I had heard, expected, or hoped, but it's riveting nonetheless. Brie Larson will surely be nominated for an Academy Award, and nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay is, in a word, amazing. If nominated, he'll be the youngest since Jackie Cooper in 1931.

His bottomless and telling eyes, elfin grin, and that hair. He simply melts your heart again and again and again. I watched him for two hours and it felt like a blink.

Room will change your perspective, both grand and granular, and you'll see rooms anew for a while, I suspect. "Hello, chair 1.  Hello, chair 2."

Do catch it if you can.

Unlike, say, 12 Years a Slave, it won't quite burn you to your seat, but you'll be seared deeply by it, and all the more grateful if you're not already.