Ralph Breaks the Internet

Release Date:November 21, 2018
Review Date:December 1, 2018
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Animated/CG, Family

Ralph Breaks the Internet succeeds on three particular fronts:

1. Capturing the best (and worst) of the internet, from Search to Chat Rooms to Comments to YouTube and all the rest. 

2. Poking fun at Disney's own sacred characters. It's nice, for a change, to see irreverence rather than reverence. For example, it's delightful to see sixteen of the best known princesses don sweats instead of their typical tiaras and evening gowns.

3. Friendship. With deftness, the film tackles insecurity, jealousy, and the perils of deriving one's own value/self-worth from others. Powerful stuff.

The Sugar Rush rest I can do without, but on the whole it's a good, wholesome film, and that's saying something in these decayed days.