Pacific Rim: Uprising

Release Date:March 21, 2018
Review Date:March 21, 2018
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy

You know those really obnoxious lift & light kits that teenage boys put on their rigs to make them look like alien monster trucks?

Yep, that's this.

It's painfully obvious that Guillermo del Toro was miles away, a silent partner-producer on this deal, and that John Boyega is in way over his head. 

I enjoyed the Chinese influence herewhich is evident in scene after scene, and is altogether sprawlingas it's a keen glimpse of things to come in Hollywood, with film after film after film being financed there. 

On the whole, though, unless you like your messes served hot (à la liquified metal), Pacific Rim: Uprising is best left in the kitchen.