Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood

Release Date:July 26, 2019
Review Date:July 26, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath

It feels looser and janglier than anything QT has done before, but we really liked it.

One of us even used the word "love."

All I can say is this: Tarantino did a beautiful job capturing a very pivotal year in amber (the summer of '69...praised, commemorated, memorialized in song by Bryan Adams, no less), and I look forward to watching it the second time.

If you've never given QT a chance, this'd be the one. It's broader and less 'insider' than many of his preceding, or, as the pretentious might say, "More accessible than others comprising his oeuvre."

This being his ninth film, we are but one away from what he says will be his last.

Get while the gettin's good, hombre.