Long Shot

Release Date:May 2, 2019
Review Date:May 2, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Doggone it! Hollywood, Seth Rogen, and Charlize Theron have done it again: snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

For 90% of the movie, I couldn't wipe the everlovin' smile off my face and kept thinking, "This is so much fun...I'm loving this...This is fantastic!" Until, of course, it become terribly crass.

Hollywood is often out of touch with middle America's values, and that's certainly the case here.

I was eventually reminded (for the umpteenth time, gullible me) that Seth inevitably finds the gutter (This Is The End, Sausage Party), as does Charlize (Gringo), but those entries are tame compared to the There's Something About Mary-like degeneration and deterioration of what was hitherto an earnest, positive, delightful, heartwarming Pygmalion/Princess and the Frog rom-com.

Needless to say, this one is out of bounds for the kiddos.

Proceed with caution.