London Has Fallen

Release Date:March 2, 2016
Review Date:March 2, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Action & Adventure

It's good.

Not great, but good.

It's nice, once in a blue moon, to see someone charge into an alley like Wayne or Eastwood into town, guns a blazin' with reckless abandon. The camera work there is pretty stellar; it tracks Gerard for many long minutes and, fortunately, he never runs out of bullets.

That's a rare thing these days, too. Everyone's always running out of bullets.

Not here.

It's no Mad Max, but if you order food, it'll probably have to wait.

There's killing to be done, and it requires lots and lots of rounds, knives, grenades, leg sweeps, neck breaks, fly-overs, shoulder rockets, MacGyver improvisation, bops on the head with concrete blocks and whatnot.

Go getchya some.