Jane Fonda in Five Acts

Release Date:September 24, 2018
Review Date:August 7, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath

My goodness, what a rich interior life!

This dang documentary has been blinking at me for months in our little [Amazon] Prime firestick ecosystem, but rather than choosing it I've chosen countless other things instead. Not because I have some feeling one way or another about Jane Fonda, but because I have no feeling about her whatsoever.

Finally, last night, I proceeded to watch it, and wow, it's tremendous.

First of all, the many ways she has evolved and adopted [at least] five personas is fascinating, but what struck me most was her:

1. Intelligence and articulateness.

2. Insecurity and haunting emptiness.

3. Pursuit of so many external things (mostly men!) to "complete" or "fulfill" her.

In many ways, it's a sad, tragic, devastating personal, professional, familial journey.

In others, however, it is buoyant, redemptive, and promising.

If youlike mehave been avoiding this documentary in some way, perhaps clicking all the tiles around it, go ahead and make the leap.

You'll be glad you did, and, frankly, impressed by the richness of her interior life. The way she thinks, internalizes, interprets, processes is absolutely next level. No doubt. I wish that each of us could be so self-aware, but who knows, maybe ignorance is bliss and not knowing makes life bearable.