Furious 7

Release Date:April 2, 2015
Review Date:April 8, 2015
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Action & Adventure
Well, it's been sixteen days since my last quick movie review and, frankly, that's reflective of the dearth of what's out there. I suspect Furious 7's colossal box office take is directly proportional to the absence of alternatives. But, anyway. DEFINITELY take your kids to see Home. I've seen it three times and cannot wait to see it again. It's wonderfully written, authentic, and adorable. The assumption is already made that you've seen Cinderella. Saw it twice, once with my bride and our daughter, and again with my parents, and it's absolutely wonderful. "Have courage and be kind," indeed. Lessons for life. And, as I'm told, "Gorgeous gowns!" Great weekend to all.