Free State of Jones

Release Date:June 22, 2016
Review Date:June 22, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Drama, Biopic

These moviesabout racism, bigotry, brutality, oppression, small-mindedness, injusticealways boil my blood.

This one is no different: it's infuriating, tormenting, difficult. Klansmen, gallivanting around and burning churches down, and so much worse.

I appreciated the film, however, because I think it's important to be reminded how far we have to go. We have come a long way, but so very far to go.

As for "film quality," IMDB has it at a 5.8. It's probably about a 6.8, if only because it feels more like TV than film.

But again: an important message movie, and Matthew McConaughey clearly worked his little butt cheeks off. You can tell it was important to him, and that's saying something.