Release Date:January 15, 2015
Review Date:January 15, 2015
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Drama, Documentary/Docudrama

One of my top-3 picks for 2014, Foxcatcher is atmospheric and moody and bleak, like Iceland in winter. Steve Carell is brilliant as wacko ornithologist, wannabe and ne’er do well John E. DuPont, and Mark Ruffalo rallies, having lost his [real life] brother, Scott, in a horrific incident in 2008. Channing Tatum is “very good,” almost “great,” which exceeded my expectations wildly. It’s a huge role for him, and he performs it admirably. The scenes between Carell and EVERYONE are electrifying, and Ruffalo is so decent that we see his fulfillment coming a mile away. Whatever you do, don’t miss this movie. Accept that it will be quiet, haunting, “very interior,” and a sad portrait of men with Mommy issues. Foxcatcher is NOT a “fun date movie,” but it’s so well done that it warrants being seen. Now. It will haunt you for a couple days afterward, it’s that good. (It’s playing in The Lofts at LOOK Cinemas; there’s a seat with your name on it.)