Eighth Grade

Release Date:July 10, 2018
Review Date:July 17, 2018
Reviewer:Blake Leath

The good:

1. It's simple.

2. Perfectly so, like great sushi.

3. Very on-point, true to life, and wonderfully authentic.

4. And in the same way Amy Heckerling, Cameron Crowe, and John Hughes nailed a couple generations in a row, so, too might Bo Burnham. I would love to see him explore adolescence in two to three more films.


The bad:

1. It's rated R.

2. Rightfully so.

3. Because of this, it will be seen by a couple million viewers, or maybe only hundreds of thousands, and not the 50 million who should see it.

4. As a result, the tremendous good it might do for so many will be experienced by precious few.



As movies go, it's a solid 8, so do see it if you can, then decide whether the pros outweigh the cons, and if your teen is prepared for the mighty mouse subject matter.