Release Date:November 22, 2017
Review Date:November 22, 2017
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Family, Animated/CG

It's a gorgeous, lush, golden-blue movie with warm, twinkly lights and tremendous reminders about the importance of family.

Unlike Moana, however, it did not give me the feels.

I very much enjoyed the Frozen short that preceded, though it's admittedly more of a long than a short, clocking in somewhere around 15 minutes.

More than anything, I enjoyed the children in the theater. Tons of little girls, perhaps seven years old (apparently celebrating a birthday together), wrapped in blankets, slurping their pink and blue Slurpees, cuddling and giggling and leaning in for selfies and pics by their moms.


Few things beat holiday movies, and we are officially in the season now, my friend, officially in the season now.

For this, perhaps more than Coco herself, I am thankful. 

¡Larga vida al cine!