Cars 3

Release Date:June 14, 2017
Review Date:June 15, 2017
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Lauren loved it; I thought it was pretty good.

I guess it's just hard accepting Owen Wilson, 48, as "over the hill." The mentor now, subbing for Paul Newman. We're not that old, are we?

I dunno, maybe we are. We attended a concert Thursday, a 'tribute' band that performed Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits, and everyone in the audience had gray hair and walkers. I thought to myself, "Man, FM sure attracts an old crowd," then realized I was among that very demographic.

So I guess that makes me Paul Newman. Long in the tooth, over the hill, and mentor now, not protégé.


Don't think I like that very much.

Anyway, Cars 3 is fine enough, though I'm also weary of the 'Rocky training montages,' which is what comprises the bulk of Cars 3. You know, Owen [Lightning McQueen] needing to shed a few pounds and pick up his pace.

"Good night, John Boy," fade to black.