Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Release Date:January 8, 2017
Review Date:August 8, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

What a precious mother/daughter relationship/friendship and intriguing peek into OLD Hollywood celebrity.

It's just a joy to watch, and Carriein particularis incandescent. A true wit and linguistic luminary. I could have watched her for days, but the way she presents Roy and Pam (the two sides of her bipolarity) tore me to pieces and left me grieving her battles with demons. 

On the bright side, gosh, just watching her walk us through her nutty home had me rolling on the floor. "And here's a picture of Richard Dreyfuss as a baby girl wielding a rose."

Kills me every time I think of it. 

If you haven't seen it, you must.