Blinded by the Light

Release Date:August 16, 2019
Review Date:August 17, 2019
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Musical/Theatrical, Drama, Biopic

It's a nostalgic, heartwarming, beautifully true coming-of-age tale about a teenage Pakistani immigrant growing up in Luton, England with stars in his eyes and dreams of life in the big city. Bruce Springsteen's music winds up being the catalyst to those dreams and a successful writing career.

Tastes a lot like Footloose Slumdog Millionaire Sing Street in a blender, and believe you me, there are worse concoctions!

The soundtrack featuring 17 donated Springsteen songs and a bunch of random singles circa 1980-1988 (e.g., Mary's Prayer) is a blast. Apparently, the boy whose life the film is based upon (Sarfraz Manzoor) has attended more than 150 Springsteen concerts since 1988 which led, in part, to the Boss's generosity toward the film (which concludes with five photos of the two men together over the past 31 years). Really neat.