Release Date:August 17, 2016
Review Date:August 17, 2016
Reviewer:Blake Leath
Genre(s):Drama, Action & Adventure

Okay, fine, so IMDB hates it. (A 4.7.) But griefers, it's not like it's Gods of Egypt or something!

So screw 'em, 'cause I loved it!

Plus, I think I've got a minor man-crush on star Jack Huston. He'd be my pick for the next 007 (not that anyone's asking).

Sure, it's contrived, cheesy, too FX-dependent, and co-stars gentlemen we shall call "Thin-Lips" and "Buttface" (as opposed, say, to Cagney & Lacey or Oscar & Felix or Bonnie & Clyde or Starsky & Hutch or Bo & Luke Duke) but all this makes for some funny moments and lotsa cheering!

You'll see the ending coming a mile away, but it's a-fun-a-comin' and uproarious, 'cause everyone loves a fictitious charioty bloodsport, especially after an Act I full of brotherly huggin' and no solvin'.

Moreover, the entire film featured a Jesus backstory, far more in-depth than '59. Very interesting. Well, mostly interesting. Interesting enough to make mention.

Big shout-out to Hannah Montana's Rico. "Hey Rico!"