American Animals

Release Date:May 31, 2018
Review Date:June 17, 2018
Reviewer:Blake Leath

This is a virtually flawless movie. It's true, it's taut, and it's brilliantly told. 

I knew nothing about it...didn't even know the subject matter...but the timing worked out and I found myself in a theater, hot dog in hand, and plastered to my seat. It was *almost* riveting. Let's agree that it was 85% riveting, which is saying a whole heckuva lot.

I gather now that it was a favorite at Sundance, and I understand why.

If you find yourself with nothing to do, and near an artsy theater, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

I think you'll be delighted, as I was, with the clever storytelling and its overall cinematic execution.

And, of course, what a wonderful life lesson the film serves up. Let's just leave it at that.

p.s. Writer/Director Bart Layton is a talent to watch. In fact, now I will be watching his 2012 entry, The Imposter.

p.p.s. It's fun to see Ann "dowdy" Dowd portraying a librarian here, having just seen her a couple weeks as Hereditary's frumpy-yet-freakily fiendish family friend.