A Ghost Story

Release Date:July 6, 2017
Review Date:July 27, 2017
Reviewer:Blake Leath

What a wonderfully ruminative film. I've heard it referred to as "a meditation on time," and that sounds about right. Probably an understatement.

The first hour is really quiet and slow, but also serene, so I enjoyed it although seemingly very little happens. But then, holy smokes, it all starts to layer and fold back onto itself and rivet and pivot and twist and reach the everlovin' sky.

It's insane.

It's awesome.

It's beautiful.

It's ethereal and magical.

It's a lightning bug.

Granted, the two twenty-somethings who sat in front of me were bouncing their legs and bored and left early, but we elders hung around after and searched to put the puzzle pieces together. It's simple, not complex, but very meta.

I loved it, and look forward to seeing it again with wider eyes when it hits my telly. I underestimated where it was going.

p.s. It was filmed in Denton, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas. Well whaddaya know, Rooney and Casey right up the road last summer. Who'da thunk it?