Wisdom from Lou Romero -- for ANY Leader...


Posted on November 12, 2008 by Blake Leath

Some of you 'may' remember my comments from 10/24/2008 regarding my plea to a dear mentor to provide some 'audio wisdom' for a forthcoming leadership seminar for the USDA Forest Service to be conducted the week of 11/03/2008 in Colorado Springs.

Well, that week has come and gone, and Lou Romero delivered!  Smile

I know some of his wisdom might be a bit nichey -- after all, his comments are addressed to fellow USDA Forest Service leaders.  BUT, do not be lost in the specifics.  Just grab your pan and start searching for gold.  There are many nuggets here for any leader.


Attached is a zip file with four sub-files:

1. Photos (so you don't have to 'visualize')

2. Text (so you'll have the notes from the man himself)

3. His opening comments, addressed to 130+ leaders from Region 2 of the USDA FS as they embarked on a weeklong journey.

4. His closing comments, as they wound down.


LouRomero,WisdomFromASage.zip (11.31 mb)