Posted on July 28, 2009 by Blake Leath

Wisdom is an interesting thing.  Technically (etymologically), it is the confluence of knowledge (generally acquired thru experience), discernment (or prudence) and, as Hippocrates wrote, "self-control."

I spoke with a woman today who commented, "Sometimes things are better left unsaid."  Boy, is that a hard-learned lesson. 

Too often, in people's attempts to be honest, transparent, forthright, thorough, complete, accurate -- whatever -- they come across as hurtful or graceless or abrasive.

If there's one thing deficient in this little world of ours, it's forgiveness.  I have found the most sustainable relationships have, at their core, an abundance of 'benefit of the doubt' and 'trust' and 'forgiveness.'  As one dear mentor once said to me, "Trust is the lubrication of all good relationships.  Without it, there is much friction, irritation, burning, and pain." 


So, as much as you can be -- being fallible and human yet tolerant and gracious along the way -- be wise.

And relish those around you who strive to do the same.  Just as a tiny drop of food coloring can transform a large body of liquid, so too do wisdom and grace transform relationships.