When in Toledo, Eat at Packo's


Posted on July 20, 2009 by Blake Leath

I'm a sucker for great, small, fun, authentic... 'dives and diners.'  Packo's isn't necessarily either, but it's close.  It's smallish, high-energy, and serves a real gut-busting dog 'n chili mac.  But more importantly, it's a great example of a small, thriving, third-generation family-owned business. 

Every time I go there, the line is practically to the door, whether it's 11am, 1pm, or evening.  The food is simple quality, the service is great, the faces are friendly, and the 'barkers' keep the line moving.  (Simple behaviors, and ones that any organization would do well to demonstrate.) 

Enjoy the food and, as importantly, take a moment to appreciate how Packo's markets itself with clever ideas -- from hundreds of autographed hot dog buns to celebrity photos and a thriving little store... all in this unassuming joint by the river.

And just one more thing, don't forget the Tums.  The place ain't known for salads and tofu.