Vacation & Vocation


Posted on July 30, 2009 by Blake Leath

It appears this week that many, many friends, colleagues, and clients are on vacation.

Outstanding -- it's late Summer, and this is as it should be.

But if you know me, you know I love words, and this morning I was thinking about two, in particular: Vacation and Vocation.

(My minor musings may not necessarily interest or inform, but I'll share them nonetheless.  Heck, we're here.)

The root of Vacation is vacāre, which literally means, to empty.

And the root of Vocation is vocāre, which literally means, to call. 

Sometimes, if we are exceedingly fortunate and blessed, our profession/vocation/career is the same as our calling.  (You know, we're doing what we were designed and called to do, as opposed to 'doing this or that in the interim while going to school and then searching for a j-o-b.')  Pinch yourself if you get to, as one client recently said, "Spend the rest of my career here and be happy with that."

But for the sake of balance, be sure to periodically 'empty yourself.'  Emotionally, physically, labor-wise.  Forget things, lay things down, set things aside... release and let go.

We all need 'fresh perspectives' and the opportunity to get away, clear our head, recharge, and get in touch with who we are, who we've become, where we're going, what it's all for, and to reconnect with those intimates around us -- close family and great friends.

To be called, then to empty. 

A natural rhythm in life that must be heeded if we are to be intra- and inter-personally healthy.

Enjoy the kayaking, the hiking, the cycling, the swimming, the skiing, the camping, the riding, the driving, the flying, the sleeping in, the standing still, the breathing deeply -- the 'whatever' that may call you away in the near future. 

We'll see you when you get back.