The Story of Life, by Lauren Leath, age 8


Posted on July 11, 2010 by Blake Leath

It has been raining for several days now.  The weather is cool, there's a breeze in the air and the skies are overcast.

Our entire family is recovering from what feels like 'weeks' of events, parties, evening meetings and Saturday-Sunday commitments with no end.

But today was different. 

We relaxed, read, turned on the television and tuned out.

Somewhere in the afternoon, however, our daughter Lauren (who turned eight last month) gathered her pillow, some blankets and her pink journal...and created a really cozy 'nest' in the bathtub of the bathroom adjoining our bunker for the day.

This evening, over dinner, she shyly shared her notes with me.

I found them to be wonderfully encouraging and thought perhaps you might, too. 

Here we go; her 'entry for the day,' unfettered and unvarnished. 


The Story of Life, by Lauren Leath

8 Years Old

Life is a simple message. 

People think that if they try, they will get it right.

Sometimes that's not true.

But people can change over time.  They are not always the same.  Maybe when they are 9, they like sports.  When they are 35, they don't like to be outside.

People don't always change, though.

So, here are my 10 Rules for the Road:

1. Life is to enjoy (so enjoy your life, instead of just having a boring old life)

2. Take your time

3. Be positive (make one choice and stay the course)

4. Be bright (shine, show people what you can do, help others)

5. Stand up for yourself (if someone's not treating you nice, don't take it, use your voice)

6. Look at everything around you (don't focus on yourself, pay attention to other people)

7. Encourage others

8. Be your true self (don't try to be cooler than you are, because then something bad can happen)

9. Always believe (just because the vet says Daisy's not pregnant doesn't mean she's not)

10. Figure out who you are (don't spend your whole life wasting your time, figure out who you are and what you like and do it)

These are my 10 Rules for the Road. be continued