The Hidden Resignation of Burned-Out Employees

The Hidden Resignation of Burned-Out Employees

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Blake Leath

Employers, cultures, leaders better bring our A-games, ‘cause after 'The Great Resignation' began The HIDDEN one:

“While top talent will always have better-paying offers to consider, employees are looking for more than a raise. A lack of career counseling and time spent helping workers chart a clear career-advancement path can prove particularly problematic when it comes to maintaining millennial employee engagement.

With a new outlook on their work and a desire to reorient their lives, many workers have found a new boss who gives them autonomy and flexibility: themselves. During the pandemic, fear of redundancy due to shutdowns drove a lot of talented people to start side hustles. Census Bureau data shows that Americans filed paperwork to start 5.4 million businesses in 2021 — far exceeding the record of 4.4 million set in 2020. While some budding entrepreneurs ultimately quit their day jobs, far more do not. They simply shift time and creative energy away from their salaried positions — a more under-the-radar sort of brain drain on companies.

In a Zapier survey of Americans conducted in December 2020, 34% said they had side hustles, while 24% indicated they were planning to start a side hustle in 2021. A survey from Dollar Sprout, a platform for people looking to start side hustles, asked people who indicated they had a side hustle how much time they spent on them; it found that the average time spent on those second gigs trended upward in 2021 and that the percentage of people surveyed who said they were spending over 15 hours a week on their side hustle had more than doubled from 2020, to 27% from 12%.”

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