Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook


Posted on January 27, 2021 by Blake Leath

I read a constructive post earlier today by Emotional Intelligence thought leader Daniel Goleman and thought perhaps you'd appreciate it as much as I did.


Positive Outlook: Optimism is a Choice

How many times has a “setback” led to a positive opportunity?

According to research, 86% of U.S. adults say the coronavirus will lead to important lessons for humanity. These range from practical lessons, such as handwashing; to personal lessons, such as grasping the importance of our family and loved ones; to societal lessons, like the value of social-emotional learning or universal health care.

This ability—to see the good in an inherently challenging situation—is the Emotional Intelligence competence called Positive Outlook. One of four self-management competencies in [Goleman’s] framework of emotional intelligence, Positive Outlook refers to our ability to see the best in people, situations, and events. When people have Positive Outlook they:

  • See the “glass half full”
  • Cultivate positive emotions in challenging moments
  • Pursue their goals no matter what life throws their way
  • Focus on what’s working
  • See the best in themselves and others
  • Leverage strengths in order to solve problems and create productive outcomes

Positive Outlook is a prerequisite for effective leadership.

On a team level, Positive Outlook leads to higher levels of engagement, lower levels of conflict, and greater overall effectiveness. Part of this has to do with “emotional contagion”—when people in power dictate the mood of everyone around them.