Nothing But the Truth


Posted on June 30, 2009 by Blake Leath

I recently watched Nothing But the Truth with Kate Beckinsale, Alan Alda, Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer, Angela Bassett, and Noah Wyle. 

Movie synopsis: "In Washington, D.C., a female reporter faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source."  I won't give any of the plot twists away; I just wanted to share this great quote:

"Great people are inseparable from their principles."

And they then trotted out a few examples... MLK, Gandhi, Christ...

It was a stellar movie, very under-the-radar. 

And I just love that line, because to the extent we are blessed enough to come across people who are really committed to their principles, despite the cost(s), faith is buoyed.