Monograph: Book List

Posted on December 2, 2008 by Blake Leath

I shudder to share this unwieldy “book list” – this bibliography of sorts – in its current state of disrepair.  But time is our collective enemy, and if I wait until it’s “edited,” it will likely never see the light of day. 

And people are waiting! 

I am frequently asked, “What books do you recommend I read?”  "What magazines do you read?"  "What television shows and movies do you watch?" 

And I cobble together lists of books (and articles and shows and movies) I’ve read or even enjoyed (!) only to lose the lists months later. 

Alas, I have spent the better part of the past hour cutting and pasting my various, located lists into one document. 

Yes, it is a rat’s nest, but at least “here it is.”  (PLEASE forgive any errors, key omissions, or outright unattractiveness of this list.  It is redundant, unformatted, and outright ugly.) 

Maybe one day, someone will Pay it Forward by boomeranging it back to me – neatly organized, academically formatted, and much beautified!   Hint, hint.  (Don't worry, I won't hold my breath.)

But until then, here it is – a messy, but quite thorough accounting of some of the books (and articles) I’ve read or skimmed and referenced and recommended since the early and mid-90s.  

I have excluded nearly all HBR articles I have read, because they are simply too many and it's easier to say, "Subscribe to HBR."   

It occurs to me already that I have also forgotten the pleasurable Mental Floss ( magazine.  See there; the list is already outdated and I haven't even uploaded it yet.  Please help me... send us your recommendations and we'll try to include them in v2.0 several months from now!

I hope these books serve you as they have served me but, moreover, that you enjoy them and find them both “educational and implementable.” 

Read on. 

TBLG_Monograph_BookList_12-01-2008.pdf (461.75 kb)