Microscopic Me?


Posted on September 10, 2010 by Blake Leath

I had one of those "if it weren't so dang painful, it'd be comedic" sort of weeks last week. 

It culminated at the rental car counter where the attendant pronounced, "Wow.  It sucks to be you."  (He was not smiling.) 

Needless to say, though practically everything did seem to be working against me, I got a kick out of the comment (though the 'customer service critic' in me flinched at his...honesty?).

We all have our ups and downs, but I don't live in flooded Pakistan right now...or another war-ravaged 3rd world country...or in a dark corner of the globe where personal liberties are non-existent and beautiful, innocent young women suffer having their bodies mutilated at the hands of savages. 

Have I got problems?  Duh.  Who doesn't?  But there are 'problems' and there are p-r-o-b-l-e-m-s. 


* * *


As I walked through a parking lot earlier today, I came across a woman spilling out of her car with this bumper sticker--and couldn't help but laugh...and wonder, "Huh.  Where does she park her car at work and how do her colleagues feel when they read the sticker?"


There are so many days that stink; so many days when we might be inclined to feel absolutely microscopic and insignificant.

Days when we envy even the lab rat.

But buck-up, little camper, because there is hope:


Pretty funny, no?  Can I get even a snicker or a giggle? 

I aim to please.  And to remind you: laugh every now and then, will 'ya?  It releases neato endorphins, puts things in perspective and helps you remember, you ain't all that and this too shall pass.

Just like Grandma's fruitcake or Aunt Emmie's deviled eggs.



I told you.  Endorphins.