From The Greatest Good to The Great Wall


Posted on July 20, 2009 by Blake Leath

Having described Grand Canyon & Grey Towers and a great haunt in Toledo, I'll conclude this 'photo album' trilogy (!) with one final entry: The Great Wall of China. 

All I can say is, it's a 50° grade in some places (compared to a standard U.S. grade-range for stairs of around 38° to 39°), it's visible from -- well, not quite space -- but far, because it's so large as to be practically unfathomable and, equally important, it's hot as Hades but more humid.

As always, for the interested, here is a photo album with brief captions.  The attachment concludes with a few organizationally relevant thoughts regarding vision, potential, and the like.  Remember, be patient as the file loads, it is somewhat large: GreatWall_WisdomFromTheSchoolOfHardKnocks_photos_July2006.pdf (1.36 mb)