Four Suggestions for Difficult Times


Posted on December 3, 2008 by Blake Leath

I spoke with a dear client this morning who commented, "Blake -- our people have lost their way.  Business is tough, we're pounding for more sales where there are none, and I don't know how much longer we can hold our breath."

Ah, yes, that sounds very familiar.  I've heard something similar for several weeks now from many corners of the world.

The greatest panacea is perspective, so I offer that in large doses:

1. First, remember the Paradox of Change: During difficult times, when we need people the MOST focused, they are generally the LEAST.  Keep things simple; don't chase rabbits.  Pick an attainable lighthouse and focus on it.  "The vital few always trump the compelling many."

2. Attend to Energy: Remember, people's energy tends to drift and dilute during change.  Again... focus.

3. Encourage Others: A kind word goes a long way... intrinsic often trumps extrinsic.

4. Be Thankful: Someone has ALWAYS got it worse.  Count your blessings, and explore making lemonade from lemons.

Times will get drastically worse before they get any better -- and probably not for a few years yet... so rather than holding one's breath, learn to find eddies of comfort within the tsunami.

"He is richest who is content with the least, for contentment is the wealth of nature."

                                                                                    - Socrates

Now go hug your family.