Cactus Jack Quote


Posted on September 17, 2009 by Blake Leath

On last night's SHARKtank, an entrepreneur named "Cactus Jack" (aka Jack Barringer from Ames, Iowa) pitched his "push-up machine."  (See 'Week 5, Episode 105.')

Nothing revelatory about the device, of course.

But he made a comment that I've heard in less memorable ways.  As he put it, "The one lesson my daddy taught me that I still remember: 'You can trade hours for dollars or ideas for millions.'"

You go, C.J.  Move those machines.

The world, of course, only goes 'round via both.  We need brain surgeons to create new ideas, but we also need brain surgeons to operate.  The equation doesn't work without a numerator I a denominator.

But I got a real kick out of Cactus, and I thought you might, too.