Baylor Homecoming 2022

Baylor Homecoming 2022


Posted on January 1, 1970 by Blake Leath

WACO, TX / OCT. 17 — In these polarized, contentious times when national debate so frequently devolves into national division, I’m reminded of 1958 alumnus Robert Fulghum’s folksy, homespun wisdom on the matter: “We could learn a lot from crayons,” he wrote, “some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names—but they all have learned to live together in the same box.”

Now, your experiences in the whole wide world might differ, but it’s my impression that life takes a toll and no one skates for free. It turns out that striving to live honorably and with integrity in this box, believing in and standing up for what’s eternal, fighting the good fight, and daring greatly in any arena can sometimes feel akin to tilting at windmills or boiling oceans. Fortunately, ours is a faith rooted in hope and rendered in love, so no matter one’s circumstances or life’s taxes, His promises are those of peace; we are never unmoored, never abandoned, never alone. I am reminded of this daily, and especially every autumn—when I find myself longing for respite from the world at large and eager to return home to my beloved green and gold.

This yearning may sound silly to some, but remember this: There are no little things. Why, just the other day a dear friend of mine named J.B. (a septuagenarian, in fact, who has survived more loss in his lifetime than one might think any person could bear) wrote the most actionable note reminding everyone in his circle to be thankful for and to celebrate life’s simplest pleasures: “As summer gives way to cooler weather, give thanks for FOOTBALL, FESTIVITIES, and HOLIDAYS... the coming of perspective and relief in so many forms.” How fitting, therefore, that in these divided states Baylor Nation should roar back to life, lead the way forward and out, and aim to overcome through unity of spirit.

For the 113th year, we are afforded that beautiful 3-day weekend to “renew former associations and friendships, and [to] catch the Baylor spirit again.” In a word, to become heartened. As your week winds down, please lift your gaze, will you, and refill your heart and soul at the fount of our unique alma mater. To your every motivation, be they prosaic or profound, this year’s Homecoming runs October 20-22 and includes Dinner with the Livingstones, Mass Meeting, Pigskin Revue, Homecoming Court, Friday Night Flashback, 50th Reunion & Golden Grad Diploma Ceremony, Singspiration: Baylor Alumni's Homecoming Worship Service, Extravaganza / Pep Rally / Bonfire, the Homecoming Parade, Baylor Alumni Tailgate, and, of course, the culmination of it all in Saturday’s football game against the Kansas Jayhawks.

I look forward to seeing your beaming face back in our happy place.  #BaylorHomecoming

—Blake Leath, 92