Steve Buchholz

Steve Buchholz

Formerly Vice President of Product Development for Wilson Learning, President of The Inventure Group, and currently President of Emergence, Dr. Steve Buchholz is a noted author with significant experience in three relevant domains:

  1. His book Creating High Performance Teams is the basis for building the benchmarks of a high-performance team. He currently conducts sessions that focus on what it means to lead as a team.
  2. His book Aftershock—Change's Impact on the Human Spirit is the basis for numerous insights regarding what happens to the energy of an organization after major change. He has recently co-authored a book based on research regarding re-engagement: Unplugged—How Organizations Lose Their Energy and How to Get It Back.
  3. And his work on leadership brings a special knowledge regarding the importance of leaders and leadership teams and the role they must play during turbulent times. 

His most recent projects with Wilson Learning include looking at the key elements that influence high employee engagement and a leadership journal that promotes deep reflection on what it means to lead.

He also serves as a "Mastery" coach working with several high potential candidates from various organizations. The focus is on building their leadership regard and preparing them for the next level of leadership.

Specialties: Mastery Coaching, Learning Design, Leadership, Change Management/Engagement, Work Culture, and Working with Senior Executives.

Steve earned his PhD in Organizational Behavior and consults regularly with leaders around the world. When stateside, he can often be found near a remote lake in Minnesota enjoying his family and friends.