Kimberly Kyle House

Kimberly Kyle House

Kimberly Kyle House is an Executive Consultant, Coach, and Faculty Member for Leath Group, LLC—a dynamic curriculum development and intellectual property greenhouse that grows leaders and shapes cultures. She is also Founder of K. Kyle & Associates, a talent brokerage firm representing professionals in the top of their fields.

Having begun her relationship with Leath Group as a client, Kim now possesses 28 years of extensive sales and service management experience. She has served in roles as diverse as Personal Lines Manager, Vice President, Consultant & Vice President of Sales, Senior Leader of Employee Development & Engagement, Talent Development Partner, Senior Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, and Manager of Training & Development in industries ranging from retail, insurance, consulting, and financial services to aeronautics, defense, pharmaceutics, and luxury retail design.

Possessing such a vibrant, talented network, today she endeavors to connect great people with great need, often catching them at an inflection point.

Kim’s expertise includes oversight and leadership of instructional/curriculum design, mentor programs, performance management solutions, executive coaching, facilitator/instructor pools, public relations and corporate communications projects, sales/operational enhancements, and cultural transformations writ large, be they domestic or international. She is also author of Women Working with Women, a profound and popular workshop that untangles, restores, and renews female executive relationships in the workplace.

She has taught extensively through the years, and served on numerous community and affinity advisory boards including Youth Leadership Program (Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce), The Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Mexico (President), UNM MBA Alumni Association, GRACE Grapevine (Board Member), Wounded Warrior Project, Fellowship Church, Club Corp (Board Member, La Cima), and in various capacities at local Chambers of Commerce from DFW to San Antonio.

As a teen—with the love of family, friends, and faith—Kim overcame Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As an adult, she battled and beat breast cancer in a fight that would last for years. Her indomitable spirit, grace, and sassy wit are on full display in preliminary drafts of Fight & Claw, her love letter to those who have tangled with Mr. C, and her manifesto for those (approximately ½ of males and ⅓ of females)—and their loved ones—who will eventually be drafted into the theater of war.

A native Texan, lifelong learner, and undaunted volunteer, Kim attended Texas Tech University, earned her BBA in Marketing & Management and her Executive MBA (with an emphasis in International Business) from Anderson School of Management at University of New Mexico, and is a Certified Human Capital Strategist.

Today, this itinerant gura and connector of ideas and people can be found traveling, writing, speaking, solving, encouraging, talking back, and introducing.

But when she is not, one will likely not find her at all, for she has traded her kingdom for a horse and will be ankle-deep in manure in some remote southeast Texas barn or stall: shoveling, shampooing, grooming, shoeing, or perhaps even buying or breeding his majesty’s greatest mammal. And eventually, come rain or shine or dawn or dusk or midday beam, Kim-the-equestrian will be but a blurry speck off in the distance, a thunderous beast galloping her into some Christopher Cross oblivion beyond the horizon, the future on her face and troubles to the wind.