Greg Methvin

Greg Methvin

Greg Methvin is an Executive Consultant and Faculty Member for Leath Group, LLC—a dynamic curriculum development and intellectual property greenhouse that grows leaders and shapes cultures.

For more than 25 years, Greg has focused on growing organizations by cultivating thoughtful leaders, clarifying vision, organizing for excellence, maximizing engagement, and evaluating effectiveness. Whether investing in a small group of 12 or organizations 13,000 strong, Greg knows how to connect, assess core needs, and communicate a tangible future state that draws people in for long-term, sustainable strategic success. 

Greg is a sought-after communicator and teacher. He spent his early career traveling and speaking in classrooms and to large assemblies covering a wide range of topics including self-esteem, positive living, and conflict resolution. Those early years taught him how to incorporate humor and a conversational style to ‘meet people where they are’ by speaking from the heart to reach hearts of all ages.

Greg has been captivated by the topic of leadership for decades. Specifically, what makes a leader exceptional, and how does a great leader grow other great leaders? He has pursued answers to this around the world, having been mentored along the way by a cast of leaders from walks of life including business, education, and non-profits/philanthropies. In return, he has devoted recent years to passionately paying his findings forward by mentoring as many others as he can, be they millennials, mid-lifers, or retirees striving to solidify their legacies.

Throughout his pursuits, Greg has honed his approach for building outstanding teams who live and breathe their unique identity, values, mission, and who truly love what they do. Today, he works with organizations domestically and overseas to create a powerful difference in the lives of executive team members, employees, and even volunteers. He remains a student of and champion for constructive culture and endeavoring alongside influencers to harmonize work, life, and personal purpose and calling.

Greg brings a hungry mind and generous heart to the work he does. A voracious reader, he draws application lessons from classic literature, modern novels, poetry, history, business leadership books, and even spiritual theology and one-on-one interviews to weave a rich, diverse tapestry of timeless principles that often transcend people, place and time.

Greg earned his BA in Religious Studies at Louisiana College and his Master of Divinity at New Orleans Theological Seminary. 

As a ‘bayou boy’ from Lafayette, Louisiana, Greg loves to cook, play guitar, and ride his motorcycle, but cheerfully professes that nothing beats the boundless joy he derives from spending time with his wife of 25 years, Steffanie, and their two outstanding young adult daughters.