Dalton Jantzen

Dalton Jantzen

Dalton Jantzen is an Executive Consultant, Coach & Faculty Member for Leath Group, LLC—a dynamic curriculum development and intellectual property greenhouse that grows leaders and shapes cultures.

Dalton has over 50 years of experience in leadership, business and ministry formation, transformation, training, coaching, consulting, facilitation, and team-leading in environments as varied as mining, manufacturing, churches and para-church ministries, and the remote jungle outposts of South America.

As a coach to business leaders and owners, he has worked with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as their boards of directors in both private and public sectors. In the manufacturing world, Dalton has worked with multi-lingual teams and helped streamline and heal interactions between teams and their counterparts across borders and competing organizations. Dalton always emphasizes the importance of leading from within—both within the individual, and the organization he or she serves.

Dalton is a popular speaker and growth cultivator, inspiring groups as well as working one-on-one with individuals on four continents: Europe, SE Asia, North America, and South America. He is co-author and facilitator of the impactful workshop series created for business and ministry leaders entitled The Spiritually Healthy Leader Series and Leath Group's Spirited Series (co-authored by church leaders for church leaders) including programs on Righteous Leadership, Giving Leadership, Impactful Leadership, Leading the Growing Church, and Leading Volunteers. 

Fortune 500 companies in the USA, Canada, and Mexico know Mr. Jantzen through his consulting work with DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc., where he served as Senior Consultant, Coach & Special Projects Leader. His expertise in facilitation, strategic planning, coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution, production integration, and quality improvement gave these clients access to what one executive described as "Wisdom with heart." Many acclaim his ability to care more for their people and business than any other consultant.

Dalton and his wife, Vicki, are co-founders of 30 60 100 MINISTRIES, a Christian 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on coaching and equipping leaders to multiply their impact through a passionate relationship with Christ. Using a variety of workshops, customized consulting programs, and unique blend of ministry and business expertise, they equip men and women of all backgrounds and cultures to prevent burnout and multiply impact through effective leadership—building healthy, effective, and efficient organizations and teams.

Dalton and Vicki observe that many professionals in the corporate world are educated and trained to rely primarily on their acumen and skill to make leadership decisions and achieve goals. As 16-year veterans of the mission field in the jungles of Colombia, South America, the Jantzens understand firsthand the ramifications of what it is like to rely solely on God to minister and live. Skills only take leaders so far; agility, adaptability, versatility, understanding, and learning to roll with the punches are equally vital parts of becoming a healthy spiritual leader, whether leading in a literal jungle or an urban one. Dalton's 20 years of experience coaching pastors and their staffs, elders, and deacons often distinguish him from those possessing theoretical depth and breadth yet lacking real-world experience, a deft touch, sufficient confidence, or good instincts.

Over the 20 years since founding 30 60 100 MINISTRIES, INC., Dalton and Vicki's unique blend of experience and expertise has helped equip men and women and their organizations to fulfill a healthy spiritual life balance and a passion for service to their Lord and His people.

Dalton and Vicki have been married for 51 years, with three grown children and five grandchildren, and have recently made Fort Worth, Texas their new home base.